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The perfect choice for comic fans

ComicRack is the perfect application for comic book lovers. This powerful software provides you with an excellent medium to read and organize ecomics. It’s a multi-functional program, which supports various file formats, including CBZ and CBR. Moreover, you can view a wide range of comics in different ways, such as full screen or two-page view. The simple and clean interface of the tool has been split into customizable parts, including a viewing panel, a file explorer, and the main screen. Thus, ComicRack lets you manage and read comic books with ease and simplicity.

Plenty of features to organize comics

ComicRack is one of the most feature-packed tools in this category. It allows you to read and manage downloaded comics in various formats, including the popular CBR and CBZ. If you’re already familiar with these formats, you’d love the tool’s set of features and functionalities. According to the solid community and developers, the company aims to become the iTunes of the comic book world.

Since it’s both a viewer and organizer, ComicRack lets you create filtered lists and libraries of ecomics. Additionally, you can choose from a wide range of display features and page layouts, including page rotation, manga mode, and more. Compared to Comic Seer and ePUB Reader, ComicRack comes with several functionalities to ensure a better reading experience for comic book fans.

How does ComicRack organize ecomics?

As mentioned earlier, ComicRack has been designed with an easy-to-use interface. It has been divided into two sections, i.e., Reader and Library. While the former can be used to read books, the latter stores your collection of downloaded comic books. The Library has also been divided into two parts, i.e., Comics Browser and Listbar. These sections allow you to select comic books from general searches and a wide range of ‘Smart Lists’, such as Recently Opened, New Comics, Trending, etc.

Smart Lists act as the perfect way to sort thousands of books into easily identifiable categories. In fact, you can even sort ecomics by title, author, and other relevant information. This saves a good amount of time you would have spent on manually searching for comic books in a packed library. It’s worth mentioning that the feature for creating ‘Smart Lists’ is only available for the Windows version. However, it still syncs the data with your Android app, in case you’re using this comic book reader on a mobile device.

ComicRack not only comes with standard features but offers a wide range of advanced functionalities. Compared to popular ebook readers like Google Play Books and Kindle, the application gives you several configurable options. For instance, the ‘Pages’ tab can be used to set the page type to one of the 11 categories, including Advertising, Story, and Front Cover. Moreover, you can filter the pages to view only specific categories. Once you start digging through the comprehensive dialog boxes and menus, you’ll keep finding new and interesting functionalities to enhance your reading experience.

It’s worth noting that ComicRack download for Windows is an essential part of the app’s ecosystem. Compared to the Android version, this one comes with more features, including the ‘Smart Lists’ functionality. There’s no need to transfer comics between both platforms, since everything gets automatically synced. However, you’ll still want the Windows version to convert some popular web comics into smartphone-compatible file formats.

Is ComicRack easy to use?

ComicRack is one of the best comic book readers for Windows PCs. For instance, just a single tap on a ‘Listbar’ entry displays the thumbnail of the comic with your star rating. Another tap opens up the comic book you want to read. From the center of the display, you can bring up ‘overlay’ controls with a single tap. This lets you scan and access particular pages quickly. From here, you can also open a window to write a review, assign a rating, or activate the orientation lock.

There’s a clearly displayed ‘Progress Bar’ at the bottom of the page, which shows how far you’ve come in the process of reading the specific comic book. With so many features, sometimes it can be overwhelming to remember the controls and hotkeys. It’s recommended to go through the user manual, which can be easily accessed from within the program.

At times, lists and panes disappear and appear randomly. While the app does need a few bug fixes, this can be easily addressed with rules and options to control certain features. Spending a few minutes in the ‘settings’ can help you create a customized look for the program.

Is ComicRack a good choice?

With ComicRack, you can go through thousands of ecomics exactly the way you want. Some of the most commonly used features in the app include auto-scrolling, fast navigation, dynamic zooming, auto-rotation, magnifier, automatic page fitting, full-screen reading, manga mode, multi-tab interface, and dual-screen support. Compared to Adobe Digital Editions and other PDF viewers, ComicRack is a feature-packed software to enjoy your favorite comic books.

While the program offers advanced features, it doesn’t forget the standard ones, which are quite important to improve the overall reading experience. For instance, the application features color adjustments, multiple display modes, information overlays, automatic backcolor matching, etc.

Unfortunately, ComicRack doesn’t have an integrated marketplace to purchase or download comic books. Having said that, it offers a compelling visual and reading experience for fans. The program is available in a paid and a free version, which gives you the option to try out certain features and functionalities.

An ideal comic book reader for PCs

Without a doubt, ComicRack download is an excellent choice for comic book lovers around the world. Since it helps you view and organize ecomics in a few simple steps, it saves a good amount of your time and effort. If you’re an avid comic book fan, there’s absolutely no reason why you shouldn’t install this program on your Windows PC.

ComicRack enables you to read electronic comics in a variety of formats and in full screen for greater comfort. It also supports a smart management system to create lists with your comics and share them with your friends.


  • Organizes comics in lists
  • Simple and clean interface
  • Easy to use
  • Supports Smart Lists


  • Needs a few bug fixes

Older versions

Also available in other platforms

Program available in other languages

ComicRack for PC

  • Free
  • In English
  • V 0.9.178
  • 3.8
  • (298)

User reviews about ComicRack

  • Thierry Henri Nyobe

    by Thierry Henri Nyobe

    merci énormément!!! y aurait un tutoriel? ne peut-on pas choisir quelle page afficher en particlier?

  • Anonymous

    by Anonymous

    Doesn't tell you .NET 4.0 framework is the version that you need on your PC.
    Tells you you need to install the .NET framework or it may not work More

  • Anonymous

    by Anonymous

    Best ever !.
    According to me this is the best comic book reader software, I've tried to switch at time to others but by far I find this the best More

  • Anonymous

    by Anonymous

    Stop spamming..
    Without CBR there would've been no competition let alone anybody giving a rats-patoot whether or not it even mattered to begin w More

  • Anonymous

    by Anonymous

    Why must i use this?.
    Hm... May be we can say: "this is good software"? But than i download STDU Viewer, which weight half of  More


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