ComicRack 0.9.160

An excellent comic viewer

ComicRack brings more entertainment to comic lovers by providing an excellent tool to read comics on your PC. View full description


  • Organizes comics in shareable lists
  • Enables to read comics comfortably
  • Really makes organization easy


  • None so far

Very good

ComicRack brings more entertainment to comic lovers by providing an excellent tool to read comics on your PC.

ComicRack is a multi-functional tool that supports several formats – including CBR and CBZ - and allows comics to be displayed in several ways, such as two-page view or full screen.

The ComicRack interface is split into 3 customizable parts, the main screen, a file explorer and a viewing panel. This allows you to read and manage your comics with equal ease.

ComicRack also includes some useful tools, like a magnifier to zoom in on every detail and a smart list system to organize your comic collection and share it locally, like the iTunes library. The app also supports bookmarks, favorites and Smart Lists, which allow you to categorize and browse your collection by dividing it into sections like Recently Read and Reading.

Fast, light and free, ComicRack is a great e-comic reader!


  • Changes in Build 0.9.155:
  • * CHANGE: For syncing Android Client 1.63 and up is required
  • * BUGFIX: Fixed missing Main Character/Series Group/Story Arc in the Search Browser
  • * BUGFIX: Fixed missing autocomplete for Series Group/Story Arc in Multiple Comics Dialog
  • * BUGFIX: Fixed error syncing empty smart lists
  • * BUGFIX: Fixed crash when switching away from a script in the Smartlist Editor
  • * BUGFIX: Fixed possible crash in splash dialog
  • * BUGFIX: Fixed possible crash when opening the page context menu
  • * BUGFIX: Fixed possible crash in page animation
  • * BUGFIX: Fixed handling of memory caches > 2 GB
  • * BUGFIX: Fixed possible crash in disk cache
  • * BUGFIX: Hardened cleaning up of memory caches
  • * BUGFIX: Hardened wireless sync communication
  • * BUGFIX: Hardened Clipboard handling

ComicRack supports the following formats

cbz/zip/cbr/rar/cbt/tar/cb7/7z/pdf/djvu comics.

ComicRack enables you to read electronic comics in a variety of formats and in full screen for greater comfort. It also supports a smart management system to create lists with your comics and share them with your friends.



ComicRack 0.9.160

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